Alena 3-piece Dilator Set
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Product description

Alena 3 part dilator set is designed to revitalize and strengthen vaginal muscles. Dilation is an important part of post-vaginoplasty care and can also provide relief for people experiencing vulvodynia, vaginismus or pain during insertive sex.

The curved shape provides an easy insertion while you can hold the dilator with your finger using the loop at the bottom. The set grows gradually in size so you can proceed at your own pace.

Made from body safe, non-toxic, non-porous silicone. Wash with warm water and silicone friendly soap. Remember to use lots and lots of water based lube!

Dimensions (length x diameter):

  • 7.5 cm x 1.25 cm (dilator 1)
  • 9 cm x 2 cm (dilator 2)
  • 10.75 cm x 2 cm (dilator 3)

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