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“Definitely Not Stressing” Notebook
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A5 notepad with 50 pages made with recycled paper

Planning your day and keeping track of your thoughts can become very overwhelming. This notepad, is here to remind you to definitely not stress yourself out and to help you structure and plan your day. You can have a clear view of your to-do list, keep track of the tasks that are already in progress (look at you doing stuff!), stay on top of all you need to remember, and most importantly give yourself some empowering affirmations! And if there's anything you don't manage to finish today...oh well, there's always tomorrow and your

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Com Wand Massager
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Dame Products

Com Wand Massager
125,00 €

Com is our body-friendly take on the classic wand shape, upgraded for comfort. Great as a first wand or for more experienced players craving intense external clitoral stimulation, Com’s curved handle makes it easy to hold while it works its magic


Com features our most powerful motor yet, delivering strong external vibrations. All that steady stimulation equals intense gratification for you!


A flexible neck contours to your curves and lets you rest your arms to hold Com at the perfect angle. It’s a charming choice for vibe newbies and people of all physical abilities.


Com’s bulbed head covers both the clitoris and vulva with a broad rumble. Need to release tension somewhere else? Com works as an external personal massager for full-body relaxation.

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