“Self love” badge
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38mm pin badge with sparkly coating

It is about time we start romanticizing self love and appreciation! This pin is enhanced with sparkles to remind you just how special and worthy of love you are, not just on the days when it feels easy to uplift yourself, but every single day, no matter what!

pStyle STP device
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pStyle STP device
13,90 €

The pStyle is a plastic device that allows women, non binary folks, and trans men to pee standing up without undressing. It is a simple design that works exceptionally well. Because it is made of rigid plastic, the pStyle is easily maneuvered through clothing and properly positioned. The rounded back edge is used to wipe with so there are no drips! The pStyle can be cleaned with soap and water, wet wipes, or shaken vigorously and washed at the next convenient time. It is also dishwasher safe.

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